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We are the largest computer repair facility in Oklahoma

Diagnostic Service

Repair Charges

Labor Charges

Same Day Service Available

We work with you to discover what is wrong and how much it will cost to correct the problem.

Basic Diagnostic Service is FREE

Once you bring your computer in for service, we will discuss the problem to determine if the problem is caused by software, hardware or both. We will provide you with a estimate to correct the issue.

Advanced Diagnostic Service - $99.00

If your problem requires disassembly or specific hardware testing, we will contact you with a repair estimate. We only charge you the Advanced Diagnostic Charge if you decide NOT to repair or replace your equipment.

Virus & Malware Removal - $159.00

This is the most common issue. We aggressively remove all traces of infections including the source. You also receive our tune-up and optimization service free with this service.

Operating System Repair/Restore  $159.00

In the event Microsoft Windows is corrupt or damaged, we will backup your data and repair or restore your operating system. We provide our Virus/Malware Removal and Tune-Up/Optimization free with this service. In some cases you may have to reload your programs if the damage was severe.

Data Recovery - $300.00

We are a premier data recovery center. We can recover deleted files, lost partitions, and even formatted drives. We do not charge you anything if we cannot recover data. For drives that have mechanically failed, we have outsourced options for you to consider. RAID drives may have additional costs and minimum diagnostic charges.

Power Supply Replacement - $99.00

  - Includes 300-480W standard power supply

Hard Drive Clone - $59.00

    - Additional cost if drive not bought from us

Laptop Screen Replacement - $189.00

  - Includes the LCD screen on most laptops

Laptop Keyboard Replacement- $99.00

     - Includes the keyboard on most laptops

DC Jack Repair - $179.00

    - Includes the jack on most laptops

Software Installation per disk- $15.00

Computer Assembly/setup- $59.00

    - Add $100 if parts are purchased elsewhere

Computer/Program Training- $69.00/hr

Build your own PC Training- $249.00

   - We teach and guide you one on one


   - We move you to priority ONE (upcharge)

Custom Computer Services- $99.00/hr

All prices are subject to change without notice - Equipment left after 60 days unpaid may be sold or discarded - See store for labor refund policies

Hours : Monday - Saturday   10am - 6pm
Closed Sunday
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