Store Returns & Warranties

"We are here to provide solutions, not refunds."

All of our pre-built or custom built workstations and gaming computers include a * LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY unless specified. In the event a component fails in your system due to a manufacturing defect:

Lifetime in-store labor is covered for all parts replacement

* Parts and components have a ONE Year Warranty

Lifetime Free Next On Bench service for all services 

Lifetime free labor on component upgrades (if part is purchased through Computer Connection, Inc)

Exclusions include- Lightening, Brown-Out, Surges, and other Electrical causes. Customers who add or upgrade their own systems may void their warranty. Any Vision System that has components added not purchased from Computer Connection, Inc. Any Vision System that has had components removed from it's original configuration, unless preformed by Computer Connection, Inc. Always check with a technician BEFORE you attempt any upgrades or repairs on your own. 

Vision Systems Warranty

All other parts and computers

All sales are conditionally final. We do not accept returns on most open items like motherboards, processors, graphic cards, memory, hard drives, power supplies, software, monitors, printers, adapters, cables, computer systems, laptops, tablets, and other peripherals. Once opened, they are considered used and we always want to assure our customers that when they buy an item from us, it never left our store. We are here to advise you prior to your purchase.
If we do accept an unopened return, it must be within 3 business days from the purchase date. We may offer a store credit, exchange, or order the item you need. We are here to provide solutions for  your technology needs. Our inventory is limited, so after you purchased it, we ordered more and while it was yours, it was not available to sell. We also reserve the right to charge a restocking fee up to 20%. We do not issue cash refunds after the day of purchase. 
Defective Items:
Everything we sell has a warranty through the manufacturer or directly through us. We will inspect and diagnose every item that is claimed as defective. Items that do not show signs of damage, misuse, or error may be replaced by us directly at our discretion or referred to the manufacture. Items returned to us due to damage, misuse or error may incur a labor charge. Items returned as defective and found otherwise will most certainly incur a labor charge. We know mistakes happen. Some are known and some unknown. We have made them too! However, you will be responsible for these outcomes. We also know, that while very rare, some components can be bad out of the box. If we agree that this was the circumstance, we will take care of it.
Labor Warranties:
Labor charges are non-refundable and generally have no express warranties offered. However, we stand behind our services and want our customers continued support and referrals. If you are not satisfied with our service and notify us within three business days, we want the opportunity to make it right. We can remote into your system at no charge or you can bring it in and it will be moved to priority. 
Before/After you make a purchase from us, follow these guidelines:
1.  Know exactly what you need or ask for our assistance. We will stand behind our advice.
2.  If you have a problem, call us right away. We will often order a replacement/exchange  to resolve the issue within the next day or two if we don't have what you need in stock. If you resolve your issue elsewhere, you may end up with a surplus. Your item was under warranty. Always give us an opportunity to correct a problem.
3. If you are self diagnosing a problem with your equipment and use our parts in your discovery, consider them upgrades. They most likely will not be eligible for return. This is a common issue. We suggest another retailer for this strategy. 
4. Certain products used for transferring/copy data, programing equipment or tools are not returnable.
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us.